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The SandPad / EZ-Walk is a cane and crutch accessory that helps users better experience the outdoors without limitations. Unlike other products on the market, this unique mobility stabilizer is the ONLY patented crutch and cane tip product that tackles sand, grass, mud, gravel, snow, as well as regular paved surfaces. Created by amputee and entrepreneur Jerry Vasilatos, it was originally conceived to get across beaches on crutches but the design quickly proved its versatility and parallel usage providing maximum stability across all surfaces.

"While visiting the isles of Greece in 2003, I was faced with a difficult situation. I couldn't risk exposing the electronics in my prosthesis to sand or water, yet crossing the wide expanses to get from beach entrances to the shoreline so I could swim was exhausting and near impossible because of the struggles associated with crutch tips sinking into the sand and efforts required to maintain stability and momentum. Sadly, I did not spend much time at those beaches or enjoy many ocean swims. On returning to the states, I searched everywhere  for  a device I could attach to my crutches that would support my weight over the sand; in my mind's eye I could see what I needed, but was shocked to discover no one manufactured this simple device that would enable me to visit a beach much easier. In 2007 I set out with my father A.J., (who is an industrial designer) to create the SandPad / EZ-Walk in an effort to help both myself, and others suffering from the same difficulties preventing a full range of activity on beaches and waterfronts. Feedback from users helped us evolve the design from beach use to all terrains where we can now offer the SandPad / EZ-Walk as the all regional, all seasonal cane and crutch pad helping people get across every kind of challenging terrain." 

Jerry Vasilatos

Inventor of the SandPad / EZ-Walk

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