Beach Crutches, Sand Pad
For Sand to Snow and EVERYTHING in between!
EZ-Walk User User

Welcome to the home of the EZ-Walk™ Cane and Crutch Pad, by SandPad™ Brands!

The EZ-Walk™ provides a wider base of stability than normal crutch, cane or walker tips to support a user's weight for easy travel without sinking into sand, grass, gravel or snow.The Ez-Walk™ also provides daily parallel usage on regular paved surfaces, and is the only patented product that can free stand both canes and crutches!

Engineered in lightweight rubber and weighing 12 ounces, the EZ-Walk™ is the all regional, all seasonal solution to navigating your cane and crutches on every terrain imaginable!. Easily attached to any cane or crutch stem, the EZ-Walk™ provides an exciting solution for users that wish to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle anywhere, anytime.

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