Beach Crutches, Sand Pad
For Sand to Snow and EVERYTHING in between!
Beach Crutches, Sand Pad
Beach Crutches, Sand Pad


Q: Who is the EZ-Walk™ intended for?

A: The EZ-Walk™ can be used by anyone permanently or temporarily using an assistive device. If you are a senior using a cane or an athlete with an injury or an amputee using crutches, the EZ-Walk™ will give you the same support on soft or unstable ground as it does on regular flat surfaces.

Q: Can the EZ-Walk™ be used by children?

A: The EZ-Walk™ is designed for users of all ages.

Q: How do you attach the EZ-Walk™?

A: Remove your existing cane or crutch tips, and after applying some vaseline or soapy water to the end of your stem, simply slide the EZ-Walks™ on. For cane stems less than 1" diameter, wrap the pre-measured tape strip adaptor included in single packs to widen your cane stem.

Q: Can the EZ-Walk™ be used on slippery surfaces like ice?

A: The EZ-Walk™ is intended only for use on sand, grass, rocky terrains, packed snow and flat, dry surfaces. Use of the EZ-Walk™ on slippery tiled surfaces or ice is hazardous and the manufacturer assumes no liability for product misuse on these types of surfaces.

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Beach Crutches, Sand Pad